Plans for a Nextcloud integration?

Hello there !

I discovered Vikunja last week, and I just loved it. The interface is incredibly good looking, and the functionalities are incredible. I can’t wait to use it, even if I’m already very satisfied using Nextcloud Tasks and Decks.Thank you for your incredible work, and for making open-source software look so incredible !

On that subject, I wanted to ask if there was any plan for a Nextcloud integration in the future, meaning that Vikunja could take the form of a Nextcloud App that could be added very easily in Nextcloud, as Rainloop does for mails.

I ask that because I find myself in a kind of a sweet spot, as I imagine this is the case for other users. I know some things about computers, but I haven’t gone so far as to buy and install a raspberry pie. I already pay for a Nextcloud hosting, and I don’t know if I would spend more money per month to enjoy Vikunja cloud, if Nextcloud already has a lot of the functionalities I’m looking for.

To be honest, I have no idea if that’s even possible, since Vikunja uses a back-end. But since Rainloop seems to be working very well in Nextcloud, if thought that this would be a great way to gain a lot of users pretty quickly; and especially, to convince users that already pay for a Nextcloud hosting - like me - to get their hands on Vikunja.

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Rainloop is a php app as is nextcloud. That means they can run on the same server without much additional configuration required. Vikunja on the other hand needs an api server (which is a compiled binary) to be useful at all. As a nextcloud plugin it would need to also set that up which won’t really work I think.
What could be possible though would be to run the frontend as a nextcloud plugin (I think rainloop is only an iframe which points to the rainloop files?). Users would then still be required to have a Vikunja api server somewhere but could access it “all in one place”.

A “real” nextcloud integration would be fully integrated in Nextcloud so that you could see your tasks and such - that’d be another thing. Maybe having something like rainloop/the thing I described above could be a good start.

If you don’t want to self-host Vikunja, I’d recommend you to use once it’s launched.

Thank you very much for the detailed answer ! I think that I get it better now.

Indeed, I think that a front-end would be doable; I think that this is what’s done with the Collabora App for nextcloud, where you have to point to a back-end for it to work.

Again, I have thought of; but since I’m already paying less than 5€/month for a Nextcloud hosting that gives me almost all of the functionalities of vikunja, I’d feel strange paying even more for vikunja. Many thanks, still !

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