Moving a Parent Project deleted a Child Project

I had some nested projects that went General → House Projects → 3 other projects.

I was trying to move House Projects to be on the same level as General. I tried just removing General as the Parent Project, but that didn’t work. So I tried to do a drag and drop of House Projects to move it to the same tier as General. Somehow, doing that deleted one of the child projects under House Projects and now only two projects are under House Projects. The third project (called Little Projects) is completely gone. It does not show up under the list of all Projects and it was not archived either. It’s just gone. Is there any way to get that Project back? The one good thing is that House Projects is now where I want it, but I’ve now lost a rather large list.

To add some more information, I tried using my browser’s back button to get back to the list, and it initially appeared to have worked, but I refreshed the page and it gave me the error “You don’t have the right to see this” instead of “This project does not exist”. So it seems to exist somewhere, but the ownership changed? I’m not really sure how since I’m logged in as the original, primary user, so I should be able to see everything.

Ok, something is really messed up when projects are dragged around. I rolled back to a DB and API snapshot I had from yesterday and the Project hierarchy went back to normal but the Small Projects project is still not visible in the sidebar and is not listed as a Project anywhere under Projects. On the bright side, navigating to the URL at least lets me view the Project now so I can copy the items to a new Project.

On top of that, I was trying to just move the order of some Projects around and one of them accidentally slid to the right I guess and got nested under another list. That Project got into the same state as Little Projects did. However when I restored my snapshot, this one actually came back.

Can you check in the database if the projects are still there? My guess is the parent ↔ child relation got messed up and now the projects are not showing up anymore because since Vikunja fetches all top level projects first and then recursively all sub projects.