MariaDB Conatainer does not boot

I have set up Vikunja via Docker with this reference: Full docker example | Vikunja tonight watchtower updated the mariadb image and since then I am not able to get it running anymore. Does anyone have the same issues? or even better a solution?

THe Synology UI Docker Log says: Start container vikunja-beta_db-beta_1 failed: {“message”:“failed to initialize logging driver: database is locked”}.

I have duplicated the docker and received the following logs:

I have downraded the mariaDb container to mariadb:focal and now it works again. I do not know if the issue is general or has something to do with the synology .

I would advise against automatically updating databases. Make a backup and do it manually every now and then.

I didnt lost any data so its not that hard but it would be nice to know the reason. I now have taken the latest mariadb and used the same data folder and it worked. Kind of stange.