Is it possible to list done tasks, with their completion date?

I’m posting this in support because maybe it is already a feature and I can just not find it.

Currently, this is the only way I know to get a task’s done date:

  • Open task list in a project
  • Click on filters, add to also show done tasks
  • Click on the done task, scroll all the way down
  • Hover with mouse over “Done x days ago”

Surely there should be an easier way? If there is not, I would offer two suggestions:

a) Simply add a column option for Table view “Done date”

b) When marking a task as done, automatically set its “End date” to the current datetime. Not sure if this would have unwanted side effects though that I’m not seeing?

The done at date should be available in the table view. I’ve added an item to the backlog.

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If wanted I could try to add the column option myself and do a PR, I’ve tried to register on but you need to manually accept my account it seems. (Same username as on here)

Would love a PR, I’ve just activated your account.

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Sorry for the possibly stupid question, I’ve never used git* before… When I’m logged out I can see your repos on gitea, but as soon as I’m logged in it all becomes a 404 error. I can not find any other user or repository anymore as soon as I am logged in… What am I doing wrong? :sweat_smile:

That should not happen. Do you get the 404 everywhere, even on the home page? Are you able to see vikunja/frontend: Frontend Roadmap here: - frontend - Gitea?

It is now possible to sort tasks in the table view by completion date: ee065d9238 - please check with the next unstable build (should be ready in ~45min, also on try).