Has anyone managed to get this working on macOS Sonoma?

How are y’all running this on macOS Sonoma?

I’d like to run the server locally for me to use.

I’m running Vikunja on Sonoma locally, however mainly during development work. For this purpose I compile it from source which is quite straight forward.

There are also prebuilt binaries for Darwin on the download server, in theory should be arm64 for the Mx chips and amd64 for the intel chips. Not having much luck with those though. Running on M1 chip, the arm64 gets killed with exit code 137, the amd64 binary gives a segmentation fault when running normally and a bus error when running using Rosetta 2.

Can you describe a bit more which errors you’re facing? Not sure how they’re compiled, so cannot offer a quick solution. Just adding my findings for now.

WOW. I’m facing the same issues. The binary doesn’t execute on the M1.
It just gets killed.
I think it’s because the binary isn’t signed or something?

Well… it’s expected to get an error the first time as the binary is not signed. You’ll need to add an exception in the system security settings. Even after doing this and/or even after signing it locally I still encounter the same issue. I didn’t have a lot of time to look into it yet, can only say that the locally compiled version works, while the cross compiled version (on the dl server) doesn’t. For now I can’t promise when/if I’ll be able to look into it, as I’m fairly new to Vikunja myself.