Export Tasks or Lists

Is it possible to export online Single tasks or single lists?
I am searching for this Option but I found online the Option to export all contents.
I am Loopings forward to your replies.
Kind regards

Has no one any idea of it is possible to Export Filter or lists?
Looking foreward to an answer.

You can only export everything at once.

Thanks for your reply.
Okay, thats very sad, because I want to make a List with wishes of my family. When the Birtyday comes everybody asks me if I can say what the wishes are and if I could send them via mail. So I thought, that I could make a list in Vikunjy and export only these parts which I need.
Is it posible to read this list out of the export of all lists?
Or is there any other possibility or suggestion how I could make the wishlist
Kind regards

You could send them a share link of a “wishlist” project. Or print the project to pdf via the browser’s printing function and then send the pdf.