Embed View for iframes

TLDR: Have a page much like the share page that will allow a page to be embedded in a iframe.

Context: I want to have a list of tasks that are displayed on a tablet mounted to the wall. I plan on using home assistant to serve the dashboard. I would like to have the Vikunja frontend embed in an iframe. The current Share links are really close to what I want but have a few problems.

  1. They are not information dense enough and contain a lot of empty space.
  2. The Table view shows more tasks then I would like
  3. The Table view show more columns than I would like.

My proposed solution to this problem would be creating a new endpoint /embed/* that would allow for some of these features.

Through query parameters the frontend would automatically add some filters and other customization’s as well as stripping out some of the less needed “filler” UI elements

I should also mention that I’m happy to do as much of the work as I can. I just want to run this through a design review before implementation.

When Digging into the code I found the logoVisible Query parameter on the LinkSharingAuth.vue component setting this to false helps with the worst of irrelevant information shown in the iframe. I think the ux could be better allowing this setting to be set in the share menu could be good. How would adding more options to this component be?

I would do it similarly to the way you can set the view in the list of share links