Desktop app missing version 0.19.2

The last version released for desktop is 0.19.0. This means in particular that code blocks are unreadable in dark mode.

Thanks for the heads up, looks like I forgot that last time. Just tagged a new one, should be ready to download soon.

What happens to the mac version? I found the Vikunja Desktop-unstable.dmg but not later version. Is there any command i can/should run to build on my own machine?


Unfortunately I don’t have access to a macos build runner anymore so there won’t be pre-built releases. You can build it yourself though, instructions are in the repo: vikunja/desktop - desktop - Gitea

Cool. I just built the latest mac version. Is there anyway for me to upload that for other mac user?

I think you could try to upload it here but there’s no easy way to make it publicly available.