Changed db username and password caused problems

Hello Vikunja community,

I installed Vikunja with docker-compose and it worked very well until I changed the password and the username from the db user that connect to the MySQL DB server.

022-06-25T14:29:48.682621345Z 2022-06-25T14:29:48.679447288Z: CRITICAL :arrow_forward: migration/initMigration 001 Could not connect to db: invalid DSN: did you forget to escape a param value?
2022-06-25T14:29:48.682720906Z 2022/06/25 14:29:48 Config File “config” Not Found in “[/app/vikunja /etc/vikunja /app/vikunja/.config/vikunja]”

I dont know what I missed or did wrong.

I introduced docker secrets to my config and wanted to use the change to put a better db password and user name, but also after changing the password and the username in MySQL it wont work.

Can somebody help here please?

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When I manually put in all details in the docker-compose or .env file vars it works, but maybe the docker image did not support “secrets”. is that assumption correct?

Yes that’s correct, the containers do not support docker secrets.

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I want to ask if this is planned in the future?

No one is working on this, but there’s an issue with some discussion about it: #704 - [Feature Request] File based Environment Variables - api - Gitea

I am a system admin and starting my freelancing career and search also a new flat at the moment, but I could imagine to check how other implement secrets and do a PR :slight_smile: Seems more like a thing I could do end of the year.

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