Autocomplete with Quick Add Magic

Hello. I would like to know if there is any plan to implement an autocomplete function in Vikunja’s Quick Add Magic. When there’s a lot of labels, especially long ones, it’s hard to remember exactly how are they written. The same with namespaces or users. Hope it’s not hard to implement.

Thanks for your work.

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There’s been thoughts and discussion about it but nothing concrete yet. It actually is not that easy to implement.

@dpschen What do you think?

It’s not hard to implement but it takes time. I think we should put it on the list =)

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From the user side, this together with dynamic dates for filters, is the number one request I get from my colleagues (myself) included :grinning:

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Since dynamic date for filters has been implemented (thank you so much @kolaente !), I’ll have to bump this again sorry :sweat_smile:
This feature is really useful to get a visual feedback on whether
Vikunja understands the NLP date and also for quicker task creation for people who have a lot of list and tags.

I’ve recorded a quick video exemplifying how this is done in Todoist:

Sorry @dpschen I also forgot to tag you in my reply above !

I would agree this is really needed. Autocomplete of dates I can see being harder to implement but autocomplete of labels feels absolutely missing right now.

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Bumping this one.

I’m moving from Todoist to Vikunja, and some suggestions while adding items really would improve the workflow.