Allow Labels to be Shared

Not sure if this exists and I’m just missing something, but it would be really nice to be able to share labels between users. For example, I have created labels for each room of my house. My wife does not have access to any of these labels, despite us being part of the same Team and both us being Admins. While it’s ultimately not a huge deal to repeat that for one user, it would quickly become tiresome with more users. On top of that, if you change/add/remove labels in the future, you then have to remember to do that for each user.

This confused me aswell at first.
Once you used a label at least once in project that your wife has access to, it will show up in her list of labels aswell. It will be “owned” by you, so she can use it but she can not modify or delete it.

A simple workaround would be to just create one task that you add all your labels to, then anyone who can see that task will automatically have the assigned labels aswell.