Ability to set default due time

Just starting using this today, love this project, only one thing I can think of that’s missing for me personally.

I honestly don’t even like using times, I think more just by days, so when I make a task for today I literally have to type blah blah “today at 23:59” every time I enter a new task.

Would it be possible to add an option to set a default due time for tasks specified by shorthand using today, tomorrow etc, so I can just have them all set for 23:59 and save me a ton of typing?

Right now, that’s not possible. But it’s an interesting idea and one not too complicated to implement. I’ve added this with a low priority to the backlog.

That’s a good point.

Personally I would prefer not to have a time assigned to the task as long as the user didn’t specifically define one for the task. We should separate what is saved in the task and what consequence it has has, meaning:

  • if the user didn’t define a time for the task the user meant that that task should be done sometime that day. For this task the user will get a notification at the default reminder time (like 8:30 in the morning). That default reminder time should be a setting of the user and not of the task.
  • If the user defined a specific time then he will get reminded at that time.

For both cases the user can still define to create additional reminders manually.

One could talk about if for the second case the user should also get reminded at the default time. That would then be something like a “day overview”. If the overview is defined as 8:30 in the morning tasks that are due from midnight to 8:30 should probably be part of the “day overview” of the day before.

Things we might need to implement

  • way to distinguish between plain dates and points in time. Very good is how the temporal api does this: Temporal documentation. Btw the ISO-8601 is also able to differentiate here. Only the JS Date.toISOString() doesn’t reflect this because the value always contains hours, even if not defined. Probably also a good time to thing about time zones :drum:
  • show that in the datepicker. For example we could add a checkbox with “set time”. Only if that is activated the time input field get’s activated.

I think that would be a really good change. 99% of my due dates are simply “due by the end of the day” and don’t need a specific time for them. I imagine most people have similar use cases, so not forcing the time choice initially I think would be beneficial for most people.

That reminds me: we had already a discussion once regarding due by the end of the day.

I think what we came up with was that the user should be able to define what end of the day means for him. E.g. I would like the ‘day’ to end at 4:00. Reason being:

  • it’s the time I’m least likely to be awake
  • I might want to check of my ‘day’ before the ‘next day’ begins (in the sense of getting up after sleeping)

Ooh, I like that idea. Like if you use it for work, your “end of the day” could be 5 PM because that’s when you get off work.

If you want it to, I guess yes.

Hopefully you don’t even have to look on those task before coming to work at the next day. So the default (regardless if that’s midnight, 3am, …) should reset the day.