Unable to display the Kanban board for filters across multiple lists

While trying to use filters across multiple lists, I am unable to view the Kanban board.

Relevant logs:


2021-09-04T22:39:29.5652638+05:30: WEB 	▶ ::1  GET 404 /api/v1/lists/-2/buckets?filter_concat=and&per_page=25&page=1 500.9µs 

SQL Logs

2021-09-04T22:53:36.6239434+05:30: INFO	▶ [DATABASE] 1a95 [SQL] SELECT `id`, `notifiable_id`, `notification`, `name`, `read_at`, `created` FROM `notifications` WHERE (notifiable_id = ?) ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 50 [1]
2021-09-04T22:53:36.6239434+05:30: INFO	▶ [DATABASE] 1a96 [SQL] SELECT count(*) FROM `notifications` WHERE (notifiable_id = ?) [1]

Yeah Kanban is not supported for filters. The problem is that you set kanban buckets per list so if you view a bunch of tasks through the filter, it is not clear which buckets to show. We could just show all buckets of all lists in that filter but that would be too much once you have tasks from a few lists with a few buckets each.

Another option to solve this would be to add an option to configure kanban buckets globally or per namespace or something else. Or to configure them per filter, but that would get hard to manage on the api side of things because of the way buckets are currently implemented.

Open for ideas.

What I was thinking was something like requiring all lists to have the same buckets to have Kanban boards. But maybe being able to configure it per namespace might be a better idea

Ability to create kanban board templates and add those templates to lists?

Example Workflow:

  1. Go to a specific list
  2. Click “manage boards for this list”
  3. Click “Add New Board”
    Two Options:
    • from an existing template
    • create new
  4. Select “from an existing template”
    • (ie todo/doing/done template uses buckets)
    • (ie each column is one filter uses labels)
    • alternative: Maybe we get rid of buckets and just use create labels for todo/doing done
  5. The kanban for each list should have a dropdown that lets you select what type of board “view” you want.

I use gitlab at work for task management and find it very powerful to use kanban boards that are powered columns that correspond to labels. They let you create multiple views per board (in this case each list would have several kanban board “views”

Different “views” of the same “objects/tasks”

I should also note that gilab has key/value label feature denoted by :: (ie setting a label to priority::2-high would automatically remove the label of priority::1-critical) Note also that not all labels/tags need to have keys. Some can just be values that stack.

Because of this, for a given project my workflow depends on the verb I am executing.


  • If my desired verb is to “prioritize” the first columns show all open issues that are not prioritized, the second third fourth and fifth columns correspond to the labels priority::1-critical priority::2-high priority::3-medium priority::4-low. The end state after executing the “prioritize” verb is that I have four columns of tasks that are both open and prioritized.

  • Then I move to the next step in my workflow which is the verb “assign priority one tasks”. This board is a different “view” of the same list. The first column is open issues that are also labeled priority::1-critical and the next three columns would be assignees on my team (so in this case, not labels, but you get the point) I can then drag and drop unassigned priority one tasks to assignees and the end state will be that issues have both the priority tag and an associated assignee.

  • Another view would be a column for each assignee that shows all closed priority 1 tasks etc.

  • and maybe another for tasks that are both tagged with priority::1-critical AND bug

I realize this is a huge request lol. Just wondering if Vikunja was ever going to head towards label based columns or multiple boards per list and then explain the value I think they have. Thanks much for your time!

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@tim1210 What you’re proposing sounds like it could work, but as you noted it’d be a pretty big feature request. I think I understand where this could add value.

As of right now, I’d like to keep the current way of putting tasks into fixed buckets not depending on a label. I think that’s a concept that’s generally easier to understand.

I like the idea of key/value labels, I think that could solve other problems people reported. That could be implemented independently from moving buckets though.

Or maybe this could be done on a per list basis? Adding a switch to say “display the kanban boards based on buckets or based on this set of labels”.

I agree with the two different modes one. Simple buckets probably cover a lot of general use cases and will scratch the itch for a lot of people. Then for crazy people like me some sort of “enable advanced mode” checkbox or mode etc.

It seems that this discussion is related to my ideas in this thread.

A List filter with custom Kanba and Gantt.

We could just show all buckets of all lists in that filter but that would be too much once you have tasks from a few lists with a few buckets each.

Maybe we could merge buckets with the same name. We could do this in the view layer only and indicate that somehow in the UI layer.