Need a way to move a task between kanban buckets from the task view

Consider this workflow:

  • Use search to find a task in a crowded list
  • Task opens in task view
  • How do you change it’s kanban bucket?

It can’t be dragged between buckets unless you manually find it in the kanban view. With a crowded list, this can be difficult or impossible.

Suggest adding a drop down list with all the kanban buckets in the list to choose from which would allow the user to change the bucket the task is in from the task view.

I would just use the search bar from the filter popup on the Kanban board to achieve what you’re trying, but I get why it would make sense to be able to change the board from the task detail view.

Cross-referencing this old issue: #537 - [Feature Request] Be able to change KanBan buckets for a task from within the task. - frontend - Gitea

Ha! I totally forgot I had already added that. I searched on these community forums for something similar, but I didn’t check the gitea instance.

No worries, been there as well.

I’ve just moved the item up the backlog.