Need a "send test email" button

First, I might just not have found the option, but I couldn’t see the existing configured email address for my logged in user. Even on the change email page, I would have expected to see the existing email address, if any, shown to me.

Second, there really needs to be a “send test email” button so that (a) I can verify the users email that I just typed in, and (b) so that the server’s email settings can be verified without having to set up a contrived scenario where an email would be sent, and then hope that it wasn’t some other issue why the email wasn’t received :slight_smile:

As it is, I’m getting this error and I’m not sure why:

022-10-02T19:27:30.236399157-03:00: ERROR      ▶ mail/func1 348 Error closing the mail server connection: %s
 not connected to SMTP server

I’m able to send mail from other docker containers using the same settings.

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You mean to verify the email for the user? When you change the email you should get a verification email as if you just registered for the first time with that email address.

For general purpose email testing there’s the vikunja testmail command.