Hosting Vikunja in a subdirectory


I am trying to install Vikunja on a test server and have the frontend accessible at http://localhost/vikunja/, however it tries to load resources from absolute URLs such as /js/… and /images/…, resulting in 404s. I’ve tried setting the publicPath in vue.config.js, which fixes the paths in index.html, but the paths in the javascript seem to be unaffected.
Is there any way to set the base URL for the frontend, and if not, is this planned for a future release?


Hi Yannick!

What paths are not relative? Setting the publicPath (+rebuild) should be enough.

I’m not sure if this can be made configurable in a reliable way, maybe with some kind of workaround and probably not with all install methods. The problem is we can’t make it relative for everyone since accessing things like /tasks/1234 directly won’t work anymore. The path would need to be changed in the compiled index.html file.